Quality Control

Quality Control

Since our inception in 1944 Lindquist Steels has understood that we are only as good as the material and service we provide.  We have continuously worked hard to uphold our founders commitment to quality, trust, and quality.  At Lindquist Quality Control is paramount and we take extreme measures to ensure that our customers are totally satisfied.  Please review the PDF below that details the Quality Control Measures we take every single day.

LSI Quality Control & Material ID Methods (Rev 3)

Positive Material ID

Lindquist Steels was one of the first and remains one of the few specialty steel distributors to utilize certified alloy analyzers to inspect all incoming materials to ensure a Positive Material ID.

While Lindquist never accepts material into our warehouses without complete mill certifications, we use the alloy analyzers to positively verify that the material meets the paperwork and has been produced to our exceedingly high criteria.

We also offer “Positive Material ID” as a service to our customers.  As quality control measures improve and ISO certifications and qualifications become more important many customers are being required to provide additional material certifications.  Our Positive Material ID service is an approved method that satisfies the toughest standards.  Ask your representative about our custom program and how it can benefit your company and make compliance smoother.

  • Positive Material ID
  • Fast & Non-Destructive
  • Works equally well on Annealed or Heat Treated Materials
  • Lab Quality Results
  • Fully Certified

Positive Material Identification